A long long time ago, in 1936, Issy and Alicey Aires began their personal 'Toy Story' when they opened the doors of Ideal Cycles in the faraway land of Springs. The business was then passed onto Issy & Alice’s son Mervyn and his wife Molly with Paul Marcus finally joining to make it a 3rd Generation Family business!

Our Mission at Ideal Cycle & Toy Wholesalers is to provide the Ideal Toy Story to our retailers with an extensive range of excellent quality affordable toys while continuing to offer a growing range of branded items. For three generations we have built our name and reputation on offering our customers excellent customer service and turnaround time. We thank you for joining us on our adventure and we look forward to an exciting future together

We stock many exclusive brands to South Africa as well as a huge general range of product that covers every category you can think in a toy store. We only hold quality products and have an excellent selection of educationally focused products but like any child sometimes we find the traditional toys just as much fun to play with so we make sure all bases are covered!!

Our exclusive brands include: Yookidoo, Zoob, Smart Games, Smartmax, Hedstrom, B.Toys, Universtity Games and Our Generation. Please click on the brand you are interested in or read below to find out more:


Celebrate discovery by embracing your baby's natural curiosity for fun and learning through creative play. With Yookidoo, play time and any time becomes a fun and educational discovery for parents and babies. As your child grows through various stages of development, the fun of discovery grows with them. There are many items in the range to take your child from birth to the toddler stage. Click here to view the range


ZOOB! is the moving, mind-building, modeling toy that encourages kids (of all sizes) to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imaginations! This is an award winning building set with a difference – the pieces move.......it’s this integration of learning and play that makes it so appealing in today’s toy world! Improve fine and gross motor skills while having fun snapping pieces together! Whether you follow the instructions to build existing models or invent some of your own the fun never stops with Zoob! Click here to view the range

Smart Games

Educating while playing has never been this much fun! These one player (or more) logic games help develop your young one in various ways and on different levels and will also keep children of any age occupied for hours, leaving you with a smarter happier kid  Smart Games help develop logical thinking skills, strategic planning and visual and spatial perception. They have become a firm favourite with Occupational Therapists! Please click here to view the range


Combining the wonders of magnetism and the world of construction. DISCOVER, PLAY, CONNECT AND INVENT!!  Smartmax is an open ended safe construction toy that lets a child's imagination run wild! This is a quality item that teaches children how magnetism works while letting their imagination run wild creating and building! Please click here to view range


Professional outdoor activity sets filled with fun! Whether its swings or slides we've got fun activity sets that will suit needs.  Safe and durable Hedstrom can help turn your garden into a funland that your children won't want to leave! Please click here to view range

University Games

Make learning fun with University Games!  Board games that keep everyone involved while teaching you valuable lessons! Whether its luck or skill you always have a chance to win!
Fun family games that are great for quality time with loved ones! Please click here to view range


The most exciting marbles to be seen in South Africa!! These are quality made marbles with unique designs that will give you the edge in any marble trade! Made in Mexico – The home of marbles! Please click here to view range


Our wooden games and toys make playing outdoors more enjoyable: from sporty to creative, from agile to smart, together with the family or individual, with our wide range we have it all!  BuitenSpeel has developed games and toys for all different age groups. Choose from the larger than life to our miniature items there’s loads of fun for everyone! Please click here to view range


B.Toys are a voice for children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you. Please click here to view range

Our Generation

Our Generation® isn't just about a doll or a book or even a fantastic miniature tea set. It's about girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation. It's about accessories that speak to the multifaceted lives girls live. It's about quality dolls at prices aimed to not exclude anyone. It's about a very important generation and its story. We're helping our families learn to recycle, holding bake sales to support charities, even holding penny drives to build homes for orphaned children in Haiti. We're helping our little sisters learn to read. Ps: our packaging is eco-friendly for a generation who won’t accept anything less. Please click here to view range